Sunday, September 25, 2011

Does my cake have a back-side?

Ok, first let me apologize for having such a long time between posts, but we've been so very busy here at Indy Cakes.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk some serious cake stuff. Today, I want to address the issue of whether or not your cake has a back-side. No, not a 'honky-tonk-ba-donk-a-donk', but a side that is clearly the front and a side that is clearly the back.

Some cakes, like the one below, are designed to be viewed from any angle.
This is especially important if your cake is going to be placed in the middle of the dance floor, or in a location that would require your guests to walk around the cake.

Other cakes, such as this design:

will very clearly have a front side. Some designs won't have the same look if you attempt to use them on both "sides" of the cake.

Many times, the cake is safely sitting on the side of the room, or in a strategically lit corner. This is usually a good idea as it prevents an accidental injury to the cake (picture your clumsy great-aunt swinging her purse into the cake as she walks past-eek!!).

Positioning the cake against a wall also creates a back-side of the cake. This may also reduce the cost of the cake if, such as on the cake below, a back-side means that not as many flowers need to be made, thereby saving you some $$$.

Finally, we have one more unique thing that we do here at Indy Cakes. Many of our brides opt for real ribbon as the border on their cakes. This works well until the happy couple goes to make their first cut as husband and wife and try to cut through the ribbon. Since that usually doesn't work too well, they have to take the ribbon off just enough to make their first slice, typically resulting in the ribbon starting to come off the entire cake, making the picture not as elegant as it should be. We, however create a secret panel to allow the happy couple to keep the ribbon on the cake for the photo but have just a big enough gap to get a slice of cake. We often place this panel just slightly to the side as most couples try to stand on the side of the cake for the first slice.