Sunday, July 19, 2009

You're little princess....

Anyone with a young daughter, granddaughter or niece will tell you that most little girls, at some point, have visions of being a princess. Many times, these little darlings will want to have a their birthday party to have a princess theme. What princess party would be complete without a princess cake. We have many cakes for many little princesses. Here are just a few:

This little princess wanted her very own unicorn as a birthday present. While the unicorns were on backorder, a unicorn cake was more feasible option. This wonderful unicorn provides for 12 servings.

This little princess got to keep the crown, ring and earrings. This "mini-tier" cake provides for 20 servings.
While this isn't necessarily princess themed, many princesses host tea parties. You certainly can't have a tea party with a tea kettle. This pink and purple kettle has 15 servings and is covered in our delicious marshmallow fondant.

Every princess needs a crown. This pink beauty has 12 servings and can be customized in a variety of colors.

An of course, what princess party would be complete without a castle! This cake features fondant walls that can be cut and served with the cake, or you can peel them away to reveal a buttercream iced cake inside! This particular cake had 20 servings, but we can make them larger to provide additional slices.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome to our blog!!!

With the launch of our retail storefront in February, we've been VERY busy. To keep everyone updated on the latest and greatest in the cake world (yes, we have our own world!!), we've decided to start a blog. This will allow us to share new techniques, creations, ideas and options available to our customers.
We hope to highlight some of our favorite cake requests as well as what we are working on that is new and exciting in the shop.

Since all blog posts are better with pictures, I'll share with you one of our most unique wedding cakes to date.

This cake was for a couple that had a Dr Seuss themed wedding/reception. Instead of your standard wedding attire, the happy couple were dressed as Thing One and Thing Two from the Cat in The Hat. The entire cake was edible, with the exception of the hand, which was styrofoam. The topper was a Lorax Tree made from gum paste.