Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Indy Cakes is turning one!!!!


Our one year anniversary is next weekend, Feb 6th. Hard to believe, the year has gone by so fast. We've been very fortunate and business has been good. We truly have the best customers in Indy.

To show our appreciation, feel free to stop by and pick up a free 4 pack of our Cake Bites. We will have 4 different flavors put together in a bag and ready to enjoy. Feel free to stop and chat for a few moments or look through some of the cakes that we've had the opportunity to create this past year. We will also have a coupon for $5.00 off of your next order.

Also, now is the time to order your cupcakes, cake or Cake Bites for your SuperBowl party. Go Colts!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Cake Tastings

So you've been planning your wedding and the time has come to sample some wedding cakes and decide on a baker. Yeah, free cake! How can that be a bad thing, right?

Well, its not a bad thing. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience. In order to get the most out of your appointments, here are a few tips:
  1. Research: Not just who you want to taste, but what type of designs you like. Look at things like cake shape and structure (stacked or pillars). Do you prefer floral designs, or are stripes more your thing? Make a list of things that you DON'T like. It makes it a lot easier to find something that will suit you.
  2. PRINT!!! If/when you find a cake you like, save the page and print the photo. Bring it with you to your appointment. Even if there are 5 or 6 designs you enjoy, bring them. These pictures will help us have an idea of what kind of cake you'd like. Also, feel free to email us the photos ahead of time.
  3. Limit the number of people you bring. Now I know that your bridesmaid, mom, dad, and sister all want to taste the cake with you (who doesn't like free cake!) but the tasting is only a small part of the appointment. Often, too many opinions make it difficult to determine a design. Choose people who will help you with YOUR opinions, while reserving their own.
  4. Keep us in the loop. If you are running late, just give us a quick call and let us know. Also, if you won't be able to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. We often have a waiting list for appointments and would be able to pass your appointment time on to another bride.
  5. Best to leave the kids at home, if possible. While almost every kid enjoys cake, they can usually only last long enough to eat the cake, then they are done. It can make it tricky for the couple to pick a cake while trying to keep the kids happy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Character Cakes

Every kid has their favorite character, whether its a Ninja Turtle, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob or even Pooh Bear. Inevitably, at birthday time, kids will want their favorite character at the time (because we all know that it changes weekly, if not daily!) on their birthday cake.

While we love to help make a birthday party special, we do have some limitations when it comes to characters.

You see, almost every character that your child loves is a copyrighted work of art. What that means is that the person who created that character holds the exclusive right to make money off of that character. Now, this sounds harsh when we are thinking about beloved childhood friends, but it is true.

What we cannot do is make any of the cakes in the character shaped pans. Next time you are in the store, take a look at the pan. It will say on the top that it is for "Home Use Only". We are also unable to draw the character on the cake for you. This method does not provide for any sort of royalty to the copyright owner. Unfortunately, the penalties for infringing on someone's copyright are pretty steep, tens of thousands of dollars. That is a fine that we simply cannot afford.

However, this doesn't mean that we cannot create a cake that will incorporate your childs favorite princess or superhero. We can use pieces that were specifically designed for cakes (thereby providing the copyright owner with their fair share of $$$). We can also create a cake that fits with the theme, while not infringing on any copyrights. For example, below is a cake we did for a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse. You can see that we incorporated a Minnie Mouse theme, while not making Minnie Mouse. The decorative ornament was added by the customer.

If your child has his/her heart set on a character cake, just give us a call or send us an email and we can provide you with the available options.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ever heard of a Reveal Cake?

Probably not. That's OK, I'll tell you all about it!

A Reveal Cake is a fun and interesting way for parents-to-be to share the gender of their lastest addition with family and friends. Basically, we will color the cake batter or filling Pink or Blue depending on the baby's gender.

How will we know the gender you ask? Well, this is where it gets fun. Instead of the ultrasound tech telling the parents, they simply call us at the shop* and let us know the results. We then color the batter or filling accordingly and nobody knows until the cake is cut! The cake is decorated in neutral colors so as to not give it away too soon.

This is a great way for everyone to enjoy the suspense together. It is also a fun way to include family and friends who wouldn't be in the ultrasound room with you.

For the out of town family/friends, we can color our delicious Cake Bites in pink or blue and ship a box to them. Imagine how excited they will be to open the box to not only enjoy a delicious treat, but get some wonderful news at the same time.

Call or email us today to schedule your Reveal Cake.
*Please note that you will need to inform the ultrasound tech that you agree to allow us to receive this piece of medical information, per HIPPA.