Friday, May 25, 2012

Cake-Ups are here!!!!!

Yep, we all have that memory of the ice cream truck coming down your street, playing that distinctive music and your mom or dad finally letting you get one of those delicious push-pops, sitting on the curb and trying to eat every last drop before it melted onto your swimsuit....ahhh summer. 

Now, you can relive those memories all year 'round with a little twist.  I now introduce you to Cake-Ups!  These treats are the latest and greatest in the individual treat craze.

Cake-Ups are layers of cake paired with layers of frosting.  Each Cake-Up provides a little more cake that a standard cupcake. 
We can have different colored frosting based on your event.  How cute would these be for your 4th of July event!  Because of their size, they are much easier to take to a fireworks show and because they don't require a plate or fork, there is less mess!!!

Enjoying a Cake-Up doesn't take much skill!  The stick is held firmly in the bottom of the tube and cannot be pulled out from the bottom, only pushed up to the top.  Each layer makes its way to your mouth by a gentle push of the stick.  All you have to do is enjoy it before someone else takes a bite!!
Cake-Ups aren't just for kids either!  Grown-ups enjoy them too, even if they make more of a mess than the kids!

You can also display the Cake-Ups in a variety of ways.  Here, we just used a simply metal pot, put in a little styrofoam to hold them in place, and voila!

Cake-Ups are sure to be a big hit at your next party.  These are also a great way to be sure that you've done something unique!

Call today for details and to place your order.