Sunday, July 19, 2009

You're little princess....

Anyone with a young daughter, granddaughter or niece will tell you that most little girls, at some point, have visions of being a princess. Many times, these little darlings will want to have a their birthday party to have a princess theme. What princess party would be complete without a princess cake. We have many cakes for many little princesses. Here are just a few:

This little princess wanted her very own unicorn as a birthday present. While the unicorns were on backorder, a unicorn cake was more feasible option. This wonderful unicorn provides for 12 servings.

This little princess got to keep the crown, ring and earrings. This "mini-tier" cake provides for 20 servings.
While this isn't necessarily princess themed, many princesses host tea parties. You certainly can't have a tea party with a tea kettle. This pink and purple kettle has 15 servings and is covered in our delicious marshmallow fondant.

Every princess needs a crown. This pink beauty has 12 servings and can be customized in a variety of colors.

An of course, what princess party would be complete without a castle! This cake features fondant walls that can be cut and served with the cake, or you can peel them away to reveal a buttercream iced cake inside! This particular cake had 20 servings, but we can make them larger to provide additional slices.

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