Monday, August 10, 2009

What about when my princess grows up?

Now I know that it hasn't been years since my last post, but let's fast forward to your little princess's sweet 16, shall we? Wait, you mean it seems like only yesterday when you were putting her in tiara's and tutu's and now you're trying to find a discount on her auto insurance? While I can't help you with the auto discounts, I can help you with a cake to make her sweet 16 a success. Whether you are planning a party worthy of the reality show, or just a fun night for her and her friends, we've got something for you.

If she's a fan of the zebra print, we've done several different designs that incorporated these wildly popular prints.

Or maybe she's more of a romantic, girly-girl and wants to have everything flowery and pink. We can do that too.

Lastly, if she's got her heart set on being the star for the evening, why not throw a Hollywood themed party? This cake would be the centerpiece of the night.

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