Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tips for Picking up Tiered Cakes

Many of our customers want something that the grocery stores just can't offer: Tiered Cakes. Whether two, three, four or even five tiers, they require a little special care when transporting. This post is dedicated to understanding how to transport your tiered cake safely.

First, let me explain a little bit of the construction that goes into a tiered cake. Each tier will have dowels to support the tier above it. These are what prevents the top cake from sinking into the bottom cake. Each tier will also have a board between each cake. This is what keeps the dowels from cutting through the cake above it. The cake as a whole will have one dowel that will go through the entire height of the cake. This dowel helps to keep the cakes from shifting side to side and front to back.

Got all that ? (if not, its OK, I've got it, which is the important part!)

When you pick up your tiered cake, we try to box them in the tallest box we have. Sometimes we are able to use a lid, sometimes the cake is just too tall. The following are the most important points when it comes to actually getting the cake from our shop, to your party:

  • Vehicle: Try to ensure that the vehicle has a large, flat surface where the cake can sit. SUVs and minivans work best, but most sedans have large enough floorboards on the front passenger side.
  • NEVER PLACE A CAKE ON A CAR SEAT!!! I know that it seems like you could level the seat with a towel or some books, but it just not meant to hold a cake. The floor is the safest place. If the floor is not an option, the last resort should be for a responsible adult to hold the cake on their lap.
  • Heater: Direct heater vents away from the cake. Having heat blasted directly at a cake is just not a good idea. Would you aim your hairdryer at a stick of butter? Probably not.
  • Leave the pets at home. Pets are big fans of cake, and will do just about anything to get it.
  • Lastly, DRIVE SLOWLY. While this may seem like a given, think about not only your driving speed, but also how roughly you stop, how quickly you take off from a light, and how closely you take a turn. Imagine that there were a full glass of water on your dashboard, drive in such a way that no water spills.

Tiered cakes can be a fun way to turn a special party into a spectacular one. Don't let the worry of transporting it prevent you from trying one out.

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