Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did you miss me?

I knew you did :)
Wow, it feels like its been forever since I last posted. We've definitely been keeping busy. While we did not win the cover contest, we definitely appreciate all of the votes and well wishes received.
We've been spending the majority of the past few weeks getting ready for the tax deadline tomorrow. But that's the boring part of owning your own business, now onto the fun part, CAKES!!
There have been a few really cool cakes being ordered lately, and here is just a few examples:
This cake was very simple, yet elegant wedding cake. The bride decided to surprise the groom with the extra tier!
This birthday girl's daughter wanted her to turn 50 with style, so we used the invitation as inspiration. The butterflies are black with teal sparkles on their wings.
This was for a couple enjoying a small, intimate wedding. The monogram and flowers are a deep purple. The cake was topped with a pair of chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival at its destination.
While this cake just looks fun, the best part was that the birthday girl's BFF designed it! The bottom tier matched the invitations, while the birthday girl's name sparkled in front of the zebra print. How can you not love this cake?!
Our final cake of the post is a more traditional cake for a milestone birthday. To celebrate her 80th year, we made a cake with basketweave sides and a cluster of spring flowers adorning the top of the cake. All of the flowers are made of sugar, so they are completely edible.

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