Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun Colors

This week we had the pleasure of making some very colorful cakes. Some were for baby showers, other birthdays. We also had a wedding cake with hot pink and black incorporated into the color scheme.

This cake was for a couple who are using a monkey theme to decorate the baby's room. What's cuter than a baby monkey hanging from a tree? A baby monkey you cake eat!
This colorful creation has 32 servings, which is the perfect size for a party! Best of all, the gerber daisies are edible.

This wedding cake featured hot pink and black piping. The reception was decorated with hot pink and black as well, so the cake fit right in!

Every princess needs a crown, and this princess got hers in the form of a white chocolate crown on top of her birthday cake. The crown and the slipper both shimmered in the light.

This little ladybug served double duty, both as the top tier the cake and as the smash cake for the birthday girl. The gingham ribbon was handpainted.
Be sure to stay posted as we delivered a Zombie themed wedding cake, however I'd like to get the pics from the photographer before I post.

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  1. I just found your blog and I really love the cakes you do... they're awesome! Keep up the great work and keep blogging, people are reading!