Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ready for some cute pics?

I noticed that it's been a while since I've posted some cake pics!! I'm so sorry about the delay, but never fear, here are a few of our recent creations.

This cake is one of our newest display cakes. Yes, the bottom tier is fondant, not fabric!

The writing on this cake was not nearly as small in person! It says:
A pea in a pod
A bundle to love
Baby Ava
Is a gift from above

This unique setup allows for a very modern twist on the traditional stacked cake. I'd like to credit Colette Peters with the original design idea- we just changed some of the colors.

Everyone has a favorite holiday and for this couple, it was Halloween! Their reception hall was decorated with creepy, cool and scary decorations, so they needed a cake that would make the night complete.

This cake is a great idea when you want something nice and elegant. This cake could be done in a variety of colors and still maintain its beautiful look.

Thanks for checking out our cakes! Be sure to leave us a few comments... we love the feedback.

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