Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Groom's Cake

There might be several of you reading this thinking "what the heck is a groom's cake, and why should he get one just for him!?" Well, let me give you a little history on the evolution of the Groom's cake.

A few decades ago, when your wedding cake was white cake with white frosting and to have anything else was just unheard of, brides still loved chocolate cake. Folks in the south decided that since so many people still liked chocolate cake, there had to be a way to have a chocolate cake at the wedding. It was decided that a small sheet cake that would be decorated with a little bit of the chosen wedding color would be placed on the cake table. Typically, this cake included an inscription congratulating the happy couple. This was the start of the Groom's Cake.

For many years, the Groom's cake was relegated to a small cake decorated according to the bride's wishes. As groom's began to take more interest in planning their receptions, the cakes began to become a little more "manly." Instead of having flowers in the wedding colors, there might have been a fishing scene, or a drawing of golf clubs.

Fast forward to the present and Groom's cakes have taken on a life of their own. Often, the bride will surprise her groom with this special creation. With the popularity of the many cake shows lately, these cakes have become even more creative, ranging from 3D golf bags, to fish, to beer barrels! Many brides love the idea of these unique cakes, but not necessarily at the reception (let's face it, a dead deer head doesn't belong next to filet mignon!). These brides have decided to serve the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner. This is a more intimate setting and provides a nice "preview" of the how delicious the wedding cake is going to be!

While not every couple opts for a groom's cake, those that do tend to go for something pretty cool. Below are a few of our recent cake designs that would make great groom's cakes!


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  2. I can't wait to see how Greg's Groom's Cake turns out in a little over a month! :) Thanks for sharing the 'official' story of the groom's cake! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the history of the groom's cake. Here in the UK it's not a tradition we have, so I had been wondering what it was.